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Moral Dilemma

Ella Goldstein

You have a big test during 3rd period that you aren’t ready to take. Do you come to school late in order to have more study time or do you come to school on time?

“I would come late because I [prioritize] my grades and I value them and try to keep them up, and if I really need to prioritize that then I will.” – Gabe Weiss

“I would come late because [the test] is something that is time restrictive, and I would need to finish [studying] now, whereas the work that I miss in the classes that I miss I could make up that evening.”- Daliya Wallenstein

“I don’t need an excuse to come late to school.”- Eliana Goldin

“I would come late because I wouldn’t be able to focus in davening or in any of my classes before that because I would be so anxious for the upcoming test… there would be no point of me sitting in class not doing anything, and I might as well be productive with my time.” – Eliana Leubitz

“When I was in high school, I would never miss class if I had a test later that day. If I had a responsibility, I would show up and be on time and do what I needed to do. If I had to study, I would do it the night before.” -Mr. Rojek

“I would come on time because I feel like just having been in the class [beforehand] would give you a fighting shot of passing the test. If it was a final, I could understand, but for most tests, you will have time to rebound and it will be a small dent of your grade — why not just take it, get it over with, not stress about it as much, and try your best.” – Zach Mainzer  

“That’s ridiculous. Why would you go to school late for a test? It was your fault you didn’t study beforehand, and that’s ridiculous to skip class because you didn’t prepare.” – Matthew Minsk

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