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Horoscopes: Which Constitutional Amendment Are You?

The Constitution is the foundation of the American government. The guidebook to our lives, this document reflects the strengths, weakness, and quirks of the American people. You all have a constitutional amendment that speaks to you, but which one truly captures your essence?

 Aquarius-שבט: January 20-February 18

19th Amendment: Grants Women the Right to Vote

You’ve got a lot to be proud of, Aquarius. Trailblazer, “girlboss,” and activist are just some of your many titles. Consistently at the forefront of social change, you are by far the most progressive and forward-thinking of the signs, making the 19th Amendment your perfect match. Always standing up for what is right, it’s über important to you that women are ensured their right to vote. 

Pisces-אדר: February 19-March 20

3rd Amendment: Forbids Quartering (Forced Hospitality of Soldiers)

A highly emotional person, you often get wrapped up in your own internal world. While this makes you a highly emotionally-intelligent thinker, you often go hours on end all by yourself. You cherish your alone time for decompressing from your day and “feeling your feels.” You don’t want any soldiers interrupting your peaceful bubble, which is why you rep hard for the 3rd amendment.

 Aries-ניסן: March 21-April 19.

18th Amendment: Prohibition (Ban on Alcohol)

Let’s face it, Aries, you are a bit of a wild child. You make rash decisions which often land you in a bit of trouble. Sure the prohibition of alcohol seemed like a good idea at the time, but you can’t just take away alcohol forever. The world loves your eagerness, but you should have put some more thought into this one. Silly Aries.

Taurus-אייר: April 20-May 20

21st Amendment: Puts an End to Prohibition

Notorious for being stubborn, you advocate fiercely for your opinions, and you never let anyone else’s decisions stop you, but that is something to be proud of. When prohibition was instituted, you were furious. You are not the type to sit idly by while your right to drink some wine during Shabbat kiddush is stripped from you. Just like the supporters of the 21st Amendment, you work tirelessly to have it your way.

Gemini-סייון: May 21-June 20

22nd Amendment:  Establishes that Presidents and Vice Presidents Run Together

Even if they don’t admit it, everyone wants to be you, Gemini. You are a popular character wherever you go because you can talk to anyone with cool confidence. You constantly have friends around because, like the vice president tagging along with the president, people just gravitate towards you, waiting to see what cool thing you’ll do next.

      Cancer-תמוז: June 21-July 22

8th Amendment: Protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment

A little over-emotional and sensitive, you have a sweet and tender soul. Your empathic sensibilities make seeing others in pain difficult for you, so you are constantly helping those in need. You love the 8th Amendment because it’s important to you that no one is treated in an inhumane or painful manner.

  Leo-אב: July 23-August 22

26th Amendment: Prohibits Age Discrimination in Voting for Ages 18 and Up

Passionate, loyal, charismatic, and always with a flair for the dramatic, you stand out in a room. Your strong presence makes you a natural leader. You take to leadership with ease, and you always make sure to empower the disenfranchised. This makes you a staunch defender of the 26th Amendment, guaranteeing that any citizen age 18 or up has the right to vote, because you believe leaders should be chosen by those who are led.

 Virgo-אלול: August 23-September 22

25th Amendment: Establishes the Succession Order of the President

With your ducks in a row, you are the most organized of the signs. But, unfortunately, this tidiness can make you a little neurotic. Even the thought of not having a successor to the president in the case of emergency keeps you up at night. You are totally the type to double-check that there’s always someone at the helm of the Executive Branch.

Libra-תשרי: September 23-October 22

14th Amendment: Establishes Equal Protection for Citizens

You are all about balance and equality, so from a young age you have always ensured things were fair. If the scales are tipped in favor of a group of people, you will be the one to level out the playing field. All about equal protection under citizenship, the 14th Amendment speaks to your pursuit for equality and a balance of power.

Scorpio-חשון: October 23-November 21

4th Amendment: Prohibits Unwarranted Search and Seizure

Ambitious and hardworking, you are a force to be reckoned with. When you set your mind to something, there is no stopping you. You have important business to attend to, so people snooping through your drawers and looking under your bed would be a major distraction. You’re simply too busy to put up with nosy guests which is why you love the 4th Amendment. 

Sagittarius-כסלו: November 22-December 21

20th Amendment: Changes the Dates for Presidential Inauguration and Congressional Terms

You are a citizen of the world and are known to explore new and exciting opportunities. However, this spontaneity also means you’re a bit unreliable, making punctuality a struggle for you. You are a little flaky and you are known to cancel at the last minute. It’s understandable though, Sagittarius— you are a busy Zodiac with many important things to tend to. So, you operate according to the 20th Amendment which allows you to get business done on your own schedule.

Capricorn-טבת: December 22-January 19

9th Amendment: Establishes That Citizens’ Rights are not Limited to the Constitution

Determined, intelligent, and hardworking, when you set your eyes on something, there is no stopping you. You don’t let yourself get stepped on, and you make your opinions known. The 9th Amendment is all about knowing your rights and ensuring their protection, and you are no stranger to speaking up for yourself.

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