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Come, commiserate! with me

And I can give you sympathy

For not a penny nor a dime

But just a moment of your time

Just every bit of privacy you ever thought you had.

Come, be pitiful! with me

Then all our insecurities

Will be laid bare, and we will share

The reasons why we do not care

Because we are just heartless husks, more meaningless than sad.

Come, soliloquize! with me

And then the empty room can see

Our tired tales of souls unsung

That die like flies once off our tongues

Until we come to realize without them we go mad.

Come, dissociate! with me

We victims of sobriety

Who clutch our lies against our chests

And wear them out like storied vests

And hope we may avoid our fate by staying armor-clad.

Come, be sentient! with me

So cursed with sensibility

We’re forced to contemplate our lives

And throw our doubts at friends like knives

Although we know the misery that every thought will add.

Come, recuperate! with me

Our parody of therapy

Is proven to reduce your stress

It probably will clean your mess

And definitely, guaranteed, will only hurt a tad.

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