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About Palette

Palette was founded by Atlanta Jewish Academy High School students who are dedicated to delivering the full story. Many students have come and gone since its founding, but Palette has kept the same mission statement: painting the full picture.

Current Staff

Asher Lytton — Editor-in-Chief

Hadara Seeman — Co-Layout Editor

Kayla Minsk — Co-Layout Editor

Oliver Mason — News Section Editor; Torah Section Editor; Photography Director

Shira Oami — Features Section Editor

Ami Korn — Sports Section Editor

Elisha Feit Mann — Arts & Culture Section Editor; Fun Section Editor

Hannah Freedman — Staff Writer

Yossi Jakubowicz — Staff Writer

Goldie Teyf — Staff Writer

Matan Fleishman — Staff Writer

Ami Graber — Staff Writer

Leora Sokol — Staff Writer

Lucky Freedman — Staff Writer

Sadie Chefer — Staff Writer

Eliana Linsider — Layout Staff

Eliana Flusberg — Layout Staff

Gila Sadinoff — Layout Staff

Yaacov Shuman — Photographer

Ari Monheit — Photographer

Yael Mainzer — Ads Manager

Mr. Joel Rojek — Faculty Advisor

Shaina Plotkin — Layout Advisor

Halle Busby — Layout Advisor