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Rosh Hashanah Programming

Tuesday, September 21

The Student Commons filled with the sounds of teamwork, sizzling frying pans, chopping against cutting boards, and Rosh Hashanah-themed music as the High School’s Rosh Hashanah 5783 programming commenced. To begin, students split into preassigned groups that rotated through various stations. In the Student Commons, groups battled it out in a Rosh Hashanah-themed “Chopped” competition hosted by Shlichim Morah Tali and Moreh Amir Dan, who encouraged contestants to create a dish incorporating foods customarily eaten on Rosh Hashanah. Students learned about the history of sending “Shanah Tovah” greeting cards with Judaics teacher Mrs. Michal Lashansky, who also asked students to create their own cards with a modern twist. Finally, students studied a Rosh Hashanah source sheet with Judaics teachers Rabbi Daniel Estreicher and Mrs. Alexa Szegedi. As students returned to class, they munched on their “Chopped” creations and admired the artwork on their greeting cards.

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