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Ella’s 5 Minute Crafts Review

Welcome to the second installment of Ella’s 5-Minute Crafts®️ Review! Last time, we used a household item to prepare a tasty snack; this time, we’re using a tasty snack as a handy replacement for a household item. We’ve all been there — sitting in class, taking notes, when all of a sudden, the teacher mentions an extremely important detail that deserves to be highlighted, such as a mathematical formula or historical date. You reach into your pencil case and grab for your trusty set of highlighters. However, when you pull your hand out of the bag, you can’t help but notice the piercing absence of highlighters in your hand. Oh no! You’ve left them at home! What will you do? Well, 5-Minute Crafts has got you covered, once again. Let’s get started. 

Materials needed:

  • One carrot. I’m not really sure if it needs to be a large carrot, but that’s what 5-Minute Crafts uses in their video, so that is what I will be using for the sake of controlling this experiment
  • A knife or vegetable peeler 
  • Your notes from class, or any scrap of paper that needs highlighting 

Procedure (This is pretty self-explanatory, but, I will explain just for you. You’re welcome.):

  • Take your knife or peeler and carefully slice/peel the skin off of the smaller end of the carrot
  • Hold the carrot like you would a pencil and drag the peeled end of the carrot over the words you wish to highlight
  • Enjoy your masterpiece!


There is absolutely no way this will work. No way. At most, this will leave a watermark from the carrot juice, but it’s not going to be orange enough to work like a highlighter. 

My experience:

  • Unlike our tedious craft of the past, this life-hack was quick and easy. I chopped off the end of the carrot, took out some old AP Calc notes (@Mr. Feinberg, please give me extra credit), and got to highlighting. To my surprise, the root vegetable actually left an ever-so-faint orange tint upon my notes! Unfortunately, however, due to my tendency to make the occasional mathematical error, I write my calculus notes in pencil, and the carrot fluid violently smudged the writing, making it difficult to read. I decided this was an unfair representation of this craft, since 5-Minute Crafts’s video didn’t use the carrot-highlighter to highlight writing in pencil. I redid my hack on some writing done in pen. Again, the liquid of the carrot left a faint marking, this time leaving the writing smudge-free!


  • Well, well, well. Again, I find myself at a crossroads. Yes, this hack undoubtedly worked. It left a faint orange highlight on my notes. When juxtaposed with a real orange highlighter, the two are not even comparable; the highlighter is vivid, it shows verve and intention, and demands the attention of the reader. The carrot is bleak and demands nothing more than a small glance and perhaps some confusion — “Wait, did I spill some tomato soup on my paper?” No, you didn’t. That’s just some carrot juice. But, nevertheless, it did work, and I must give credit where credit is due. Thanks for tuning in, and I can’t wait for next time!

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