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Jewish Youth Pledge

Thursday, November 3

As part of AJA High School’s new Encounters Series, Mike Leven, described by Head of High School Dr. Sim Pearl as a “giant in the Jewish community,” took the stage in the High School Beit Midrash. Leven discussed his inspiration for founding the Jewish Future Pledge, a commitment for Jewish adults to dedicate at least 50% of the charity they give at their passing towards world Jewry or the State of Israel. Dedicated to ensuring the Jewish future for generations to come, Leven also formed the Jewish Youth Pledge, a global initiative where teens encapsulate their Jewish commitment, connection, and identity in a letter to their future self. After watching a brief video that illustrates the impact of the Jewish Youth Pledge, AJA students pulled out their phones as encouraged by Leven to write their own letters and join Jewish teens worldwide in taking the pledge.

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