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Second Semester Elective Assembly

Friday, October 28

Students swarmed into the Beit Midrash to learn about the new and continuing electives for next semester, which begin after winter break, through an appropriately themed winter presentation. The presentation also bid the Forensic Science elective farewell and shared some changes to the returning engineering elective. Other returning electives include Weightlifting, Junior Jags, Student Support, Studio Art, Spanish I, AP Studio Art, and Gemara Bekiut. To address students’ requests for a wider choice of Judaics electives, the new second semester electives include three new Judaic electives: Midrash with Rabbi Melhado, Modern Israel with Morah Tali, and the Social Impact Initiative elective with Dr. Pearl. Lastly, Creative Writing with Mr. Byron will be the new general studies elective.

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