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Bird Quilt Project

By Jemima Schoen

On December 13, students participated in a High School art project. Instead of going to electives during their usual 11:00 Monday time slot, students were called for an assembly in the Beit Midrash. There, art elective teacher Mrs. Anita Stein explained that each High School student would make a bird out of a given color of fabric, and these birds would be put onto a quilt that would be hung in the school. Mrs. Stein said that the quilt would consist of different colors of birds — the whole spectrum of the rainbow. With this, students were split into color groups and ushered to their respective colors’ rooms. In each room, there were scissors, pencils, and an assortment of fusible interfacing in different patterns and designs. Students could choose to use different fabrics for the eyes, tail, head-feathers, etc. of their bird. To cut them out, students were given a sheet with sketches of different birds for inspiration and reference. Once students had cut out their desired shapes of fabric, they brought them to Hebrew teacher Ronit Ben-Amotz and science teacher Mrs. Catherine Brand in the 400’s hallway, where they then ironed the fabric together and collected them to be sewn onto the quilt. Mrs. Brand, a master quilter in her own right, will be sewing the entire quilt, which has already taken countless hours of hard work and will take many more. Students are excited to see how the quilt will turn out!

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