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Braves Parade

Celebrating the team’s win in the World Series, thousands of Braves fans crowded into Downtown Atlanta on Friday, November 5, including over twenty AJA High School students. Senior Yered Wittenberg, who went with a group of friends, described the parade as “the most unifying experience this city has had in 20-plus years.” He elaborated, saying that “being able to experience it with friends was something [he would] never forget.” Similarly, sophomore Natanel Gold said that “it was an amazing experience.” He described how being within feet of his “idols” was “insane” and “euphoric” for him.

While many schools canceled school for the day, AJA remained open, meaning that the students who elected to go to the parade had to decide between school and the Braves. Senior Elliot Sokol said, “This event only happens once or twice in a lifetime so it was certainly worth missing a day of school.” This experience was incredibly memorable for the group of students who went.

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