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Volleyball Senior Night

Splatter Paint

On October 12, the AJA girls volleyball team planned to play their last game. However, players on the other school’s team contracted COVID-19, so AJA had to cancel the game and end the season earlier than expected. To replace this final game, coach Kayla MacDavitt, along with some parents, organized an event on Sunday November 9. At the event, the team met to play a volleyball game in which they competed against their parents. To add some fun and festivity, some parents dressed up in costumes featuring tutus, hats, and headbands with springs. Beating their parents in two out of three matches, the girls ended their season with a win.

In addition to replacing their final game, the matches also gave the team an opportunity to have their senior night. The team celebrated senior and team captain Ella Goldstein. The team decorated the gym with paper stars that contained their “favorite things” about Ella. Junior Jemima Scheon presented a speech, and the team gave Ella flowers, a decorated volleyball, candy, and a poster they made. Even though the team missed their last official game, with a creative and flexible mindset they organized a fun conclusion to the volleyball season.

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