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Students Take Time to Watch the 59th Presidential Inauguration

Sivan Livnat

On January 20, AJA High School students gathered in their third-period classes to watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. In their various classrooms, students watched President Biden’s speech as a community. Junior Yered Wittenberg said, “I did enjoy watching it as a class because I was [then] able to discuss with peers.”

After President Biden’s speech, students watched country singer Garth Brooks perform “Amazing Grace” and National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorban’s inaugural poem. Yered said, “It was nice to see a joyous moment written into the books of history.”

Junior Micah Feit Mann said, “It was a touching moment when I saw that a peaceful transfer of power was still at hand.” This sentiment was reflected by many students who were impressed by the ceremony. 

Jemima Schoen, a sophomore, described Gorban’s poem as her favorite part of the inauguration: “Her delivery, artistry, and profundity were absolutely exquisite, and I loved how she used her clothing and accessories to express herself further.”

At the end of the inaugural ceremony, teachers started to teach their regularly scheduled classes for the remaining time in the period.

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