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Faculty Leads Chanukah Activities

On Tuesday, December 15, (the fifth day of Chanukah), high school students spent their second period class participating in various Chanukah-related activities led by the faculty. Divided into six groups, students rotated between three different stations. 

In the gym, groups competed in relay races. The teams raced to complete puzzles, throw beads into cups, and score free-throws. 

Meanwhile, outside on the soccer field, groups faced off in dodgeball matches. One team represented the Greeks, wearing laurel wreaths and table-cloth togas, and the other the Maccabees, donning paper shields and headbands with Jewish stars. Festive Chanukah music blasted from speakers as the teams competed. 

Inside the Beit Midrash, groups competed to accumulate the most points through correctly answering questions related to the laws of Chanukah. With each question worth one point, the winning team earned over 50 points.

Through the holiday festivities, students disconnected from regular school work for a little while to enjoy and learn about Chanukah.

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