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STUCO Runs Saturday Night Bonfire to Celebrate Chanukah

Nina Flusberg

Student Council (STUCO) hosted a bonfire at school Saturday night, December 12 to kick off the following week’s Chanukah activities. Although rain fell only 30 minutes earlier (and intermittently throughout the night), STUCO built a large bonfire on the pavement outside the High School gym with plenty of space for students to surround the fire and still maintain social distancing. Senior Katherine Cranman said, “This bonfire is such a nice event to bring us all together.” 

To preserve the holiday spirit, students sang and socially distantly danced to Chanukah songs. STUCO also brought out a Chanukiah to light. “It’s great that we can have a bonfire and be outside and enjoy each other’s company on a holiday after Shabbat and during Covid,” STUCO Cabinet Member Yered Wittenberg commented. STUCO aims to plan activities for the entire week of Chanukah that are both safe and fun, despite challenges posed by COVID. 

As a safety precaution, STUCO put together individual bags for each student which consisted of graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and a stick to roast them. To add to the bonfire feel, several students brought instruments from home and played songs around the campfire. “[STUCO Co-President and senior] Emily [Gavrielov] asked me if I wanted to bring my guitar, and we came up with a bunch of songs over the weekend that we thought people would like,” senior Gefen Beldie explained. “We just wanted to make sure it was an option for people.” 

The Saturday night bonfire was both a transition into the upcoming week of activities and an event to bring students together for the holiday.

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