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Atlanta Cultural Corner: Millenium Gate Museum

How to spice up your stay-cation

Dalya Silverman

The Atlanta Cultural Corner is part of a new Palette feature exploring cultural establishments and opportunities in the Atlanta area. This enables our readership to learn more about our city and discover places they may not have known before.

The Millennium Gate Museum stands in the Atlantic Station district of Midtown Atlanta. Modeled after the Arch of Titus, the 100-foot tall museum catches the eye amongst the contemporary and urban architecture surrounding it. Unlike most traditional museums built with the sole purpose of being insightful or educational, the Millennium Gate Museum was dedicated to the ideal of peace and all of the peaceful endeavors of the past two millennia. The true treasure of the Museum is the inside, which contains the most comprehensive history of Georgia in the state.

The Millennium Gate Museum showcases art history, artifacts, and historical documents pertaining to our state’s history. Starting in pre-Columbian America, the permanent exhibits narrate the early history of Georgia and its pioneering founding families. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the museum also hosts traveling world-class history and art exhibitions, such as “The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting.” This exhibit incorporates the collection of paintings of Churchill’s, including many that had never been seen by the public eye, and examinations of how painting helped guide his development as a leader.

The Millennium Gate Museum would be an ideal spot for a peaceful and educational outing. Even if you’re not into history, you can relax on its grounds and pretend that you live in Europe, at least for the afternoon.

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