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This Year’s Club Lineup

At long last, student-led clubs have made their way back to AJA. With a grand total of fifteen clubs, there is a wide variety of options. This year’s club lineup sees the return of clubs from years past — such as the long-lived Meat Club — and the creation of brand-new clubs like the Chess Club.

While some clubs are primarily fun-oriented, such as the Dungeons and Dragons Club or the Crazy Crafts Club, other clubs provide a wide range of opportunities to learn and volunteer. For instance, the Financial Literacy Club, run by junior Adam Berkowitz, teaches the basics of finance, including everything from spending and saving to building credit and investing. The Coding Club, run by senior Micah Feit Mann, is a supplementary club for the coding elective. In the Environmental Club, run by seniors Margalit Lytton and Dalya Silverman, members take action to help the environment through recycling and cleaning up the community. The LGBTQ+ Alliance Club — a particularly popular new club run by seniors Ella Goldstein and Sivan Livnat — focuses on making the AJA High School more accepting as a community towards LGBTQ+ students. 

With such a plethora of diverse clubs, every student can find a place for them. Whether one wants to volunteer for a cause, learn a useful new skill, or simply have fun, AJA’s student-led clubs provide the perfect opportunity.

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