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Hamilton Live, Reviewed

Gefen Beldie

After many years of fans listening to the soundtrack with limited opportunities to watch the show live, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton was finally released on Disney Plus for viewers worldwide. Let’s break it down. 

The two and a half hour movie extended the theater experience to a larger audience during this long stretch of quarantine. Rather than filming the musical straight-on, the creators maximized cinematography and close up scenes.

When Hamilton first debuted on Broadway, tickets were selling fast. Center stage seats with the original cast were an absolute blessing; many showgoers would bring binoculars when sitting in the back, just to get in the door. The creators of Hamilton Live utilized their production to give their audience a close up and intimate viewing of the show.

The creators also took the live show one step forward by taking advantage of close-up scenes that would not have been possible for regular showgoers. To give one example, during a monologue by the king of England (Jonathan Groff), the video audience can see him spitting and drooling while ranting. The scene itself was disgustingly difficult to watch, but an original experience (for better or for worse). 

The online availability allows watchers (and devoted Hamilton fans) the chance to eat, sing along, discuss the show, and take those much needed bathroom breaks without missing a beat.

Though there are some scenes that can never be given full justice from a screen, it is a fantastic watch during our quarantine days and a beautiful representation of an award-winning Broadway show. 

Rating: 5 stars

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